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Our route through Ireland. (Click on a region for photos of that area)


© F. Kotler 2018


Western Ireland


County Kerry Pre-Trip


Northern Ireland & Dublin



A map of our journey is shown below. Photos are divided into three albums - County Kerry pre-trip, Western Ireland, and Northern Ireland plus Dublin. Click within an area to see photos from the respective area. From an album page, click any thumbnail photo to browse photos full size and/or view a slideshow of the photos. Return here via the Red arrows on the album page. The photos will scale to the size of your browser window, but for best viewing, make the window as large as possible.


We traveled to Ireland in June 2018 with Overseas Adventure Travel on their Irish Adventure: Belfast, Dublin & the Northwest Counties, included the pre-trip extension to County Kerry: Kilarney & Dingle, and extended for one day on our own in Dublin which we used to explore the neolithic sites of Newgrange and Hill of Tara.

The map below shows the route of our travels around the island. Overall impression - Ireland is green, very green, many shades of green. My photos reflect the country as they are mostly landscapes and seascapes, sheep, some cityscapes, castles, gardens and churches. Our journey started in Kilarney in the Southwest which was our base for exploring (#3 on the map) the Ring of Kerry landscape one day, and a boat ride through the three lakes from Ross Castle to Brandon's Cottage followed by a horse drawn cart ride through the Gap of Dunloe on the second day. On the way from Kilarney to Dingle, we first stopped at a local farm (#4) where we made, and ate, scones and had a tour of the property along with a discussion of the issues facing small farmers in the Southwest. Further along we stopped at Inch Beach (#5) and had lunch at the South Pole Inn founded by Tom Crean, an early Antarctic explorer who traveled with Robert Scott and Ernest Shackleton on their expeditions to the South Pole. We arrived in Dingle (#6) and spent the afternoon and evening exploring the town and enjoying traditional Irish music in the pubs. A drive along the eastern Atlantic shore to Slea Head (#7) included stops to visit some (probably) 12th century beehive huts ...

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